Rasik- Meet the Artiste series

Seher is known for creating spaces where creativity transcends the stage and gallery. Where the curtains of formality are drawn aside, and the vibrant tapestry of creativity is woven through candid conversations. This is how the Rasik series was born as well.

A monthly event in baithak style Rasik- meet the Artiste series, beckoned the audience of Delhi into an informal dialogue with the luminaries of India’s artistic universe. An experiential journey, this initiative conceived by Seher bridged the gap between Rasiks and artists. This proposed program brought the Rasiks of Delhi closer to performing artists from all over India – from all spheres – Music, Dance, Theatre, Literature, Art, Poetry & Architecture.

Held at India International Centre, this monthly event has featured eminent personalities from different walks of life like S. H. Raza in conversation with Geeti Sen, Shekhar Kapur with Mahesh Bhatt, Madhavi Mudgal with Leela Samson amongst many others. The beauty of this initiative lies in its ability to peel away the layers of formal introductions and distant admiration. It was a chance to delve into the essence of an artist’s work and the Rasiks of Delhi embraced this endeavor by Seher with open arms.

Curator’s Note:

“This series in the baithak-style seating arrangement fostered an atmosphere of togetherness, allowing the audience to connect with the artist on a personal level. It brought forth the power of dialogue and it gave the audience a chance to know what inspires their favourite artistes”

2024 | Seher India