Gandhi Utsav

GANDHI UTSAV, conceptualised and organised by Seher in collaboration with Rajasthan Tourism was a distinctive homage to Bapu and while the world was celebrating 150 year of Mahatma Gandhi, this was our contribution to the celebration through the eyes of the painters and the musicians.

From the 2nd of October, the Utsav transformed into a multidisciplinary festival, converging painters, musicians, folk instrumentalists, philosophers, and thinkers on Gandhi ji at the iconic Central Park in Jaipur. The Gandhi Utsav Artist’s Camp featured 30 artists handpicked by SEHER from around the world. Notably, six young women artists from Afghanistan also joined the camp, offering a unique perspective on Bapu’s philosophy, particularly on non-violence.

SEHER, known for democratising culture, brought this artistic endeavour outdoors, breaking the confines of studio spaces. Renowned artists like Ranjeeta Kant, Vanita Gupta, Mahula Ghosh, and others drew inspiration from Bapu’s principles in Central Park, creating an inclusive event open to the public.

A distinctive component of the Utsav was the 3-day Bhakti Utsav, aligning with Bapu’s belief in performing arts as a catalyst for national integration. The Bhakti Utsav, featuring artists from diverse communities, resonated with Bapu’s vision of unity.

In sync with Seher’s initiatives of youth outreach, the event also enlightened over a thousand students on Gandhian thought and philosophy, with experts like Varsha Das and Rajni Bakshi providing insights into the aesthetic, creative, and moral legacy of Gandhi ji.


Curator’s Note-

“Gandhi Utsav served as a melting pot of art and culture, transcending boundaries of faith, community, and lifestyle. Gandhi’s enduring teachings on trustee-ship, coexistence, and the mindful stewardship of nature resonate, guides the youth in making thoughtful choices in their lives. The event not only paid homage to the past but sought to actively shape a future rooted in Gandhian principles.”

2024 | Seher India