Dilli ka weekend theatre

In the heart of the city, where the bustling streets and towering buildings form the backdrop to countless stories, a new chapter began to unfold in the vibrant tapestry of Indi Theatre. A symphony of creativity resonated as SEHER, a visionary cultural platform, joined hands with the Bhagidaari initiative, igniting a theatrical revolution that would echo through the alleyways and corners of the metropolis.

Weekends were no longer just a fleeting break from routine; they evolved into an opportunity for transcendence through the magic of Hindi plays.

This venture was an ode to rejuvenation, breathing new life into the world of Hindi theatre. It was a bridge to the fringes of the city, a testament that creativity knows no boundaries. The vision was simple yet profound: to invigorate the legacy of Hindi theatre, to let its essence permeate through the city’s peripheries, where the heartbeat of culture thrived.

Dilli ka Weekend Theatre brought together some stellar performances by some of the finest theatre artistes, like Barry John, Feisal Alkazi, M.K Raina, Arvind Gaur, Amal Allana and B.V karanth. The event etched its mark not just on the canvas of the city but on the hearts of those who witnessed the magic unfold.

Curator’s note:

“Dilli ka weekend was a celebration of the marriage of vision and craft, and the everlasting bond between the stage and the spectators. The partnership between SEHER and the Bhagidaari initiative rekindled the flames of Hindi theatre taking to a diverse audience”

2024 | Seher India